Igence 3D Simulation Services

Igence provides bespoke 3D Simulation and Training applications to a range of industry sectors. Example project services:

  • Simulation requirements capture
  • Technology and market analysis
  • Existing technology and implementation review
  • Prototype and concept development
  • Full lifecycle product development using existing COTS technology or complete bespoke solutions
  • Product support, technology refresh and porting

Igence works with our clients to identify the key simulation, training or mission rehearsal goals in the project in order to develop the best solution.

Visualisation Simulation

We provide simulation at the right level for your project. Mixing real, virtual, simulated data and video sources for live and recorded viewing and manipulation. Our solutions are scalable from detailed high-fidelity control and review to pre-visualisation of designs.

Training and Evaluation

Our aim is to help you ensure that your staff are trained and practiced at dealing with these scenarios in the most efficient and safest possible way, from learning how to sell a product to repairing in-field equipment. The training goals will be Igence's fundamental driver and focus for the project. Example project arenas:

  • Battlefield simulation
  • After action review
  • Field maintenance training and repair rehearsal
  • Disaster recovery rehearsal
  • Interactive pre-visualisation
  • Sales and customer interaction training
  • Interactive site walkthroughs and familiarisation

Technology and Process

Igence develops software with the customer's current and future requirements in mind. Architectures and interfaces are designed and developed to be configurable and customizable so that the product may be scaled to budget and extended in the future.

Igence selects and leverages off-the-shelf commercial and open source technologies to meet complex simulation and training requirements. This gives the benefits of high-speed development, supplier independency and the ability to adapt the solution to the current and future project needs.

Igence's expertise resides in producing bespoke software solutions which meet our clients' goals. We are not tied to any platform, technology or product line, but rather adapt to the needs of our client and project.

Our development methodology utilizes rapid application development and a continuous feedback approach, allowing the customer to review the development as needed. Staged/phased development of further scenarios, interactions, alternate locations or props etc will be built in from the start to keep costs low, yet maintain flexibility.

This means that our client receives the correct solution and excellent value for money.