Igence's experience in designing robust control systems comes from working at the leading-edge for blue chip companies across varied industries. Our design process is proven to deliver mission critical electronic and software solutions.  

We understand the common pitfalls of ground-up design - what works and what doesn't. We deliver rapid prototype development and production ready design services.

We have embedded systems development experience with popular platforms including ARM, PIC, dsPIC and PowerPC. We can deliver firmware code to your company's requirements, whether it be Assembler, C or C++. 

With the acceptance of the PC as a serious cost-effective control solution, a large proportion of our work is PC based.  We have experience with Linux and Windows (desktop and embedded) and RTOS such as VxWorks, ThreadX and IntervalZero RTX.  We also have knowledge of legacy mainframe computers (SEL / Encore, Harris, Concurrent) used in the operation of flight simulators. 

First and foremost we are engineers. We speak hardware as well as software. You won't get a blank look when showing our software engineers your latest schematic and saying "We need to control this".