Igence have had much success in designing highly automated systems. We assisted FujiFilm to automate an ink treatment rig. We met with the client and identified that the previous process required many manual steps involving several pieces of equipment. It needed to be simplified.

Working with FujiFilm and with our partners Real Time Data we worked together to design a highly automated system. The changes allow the operators to set up the system by scanning bar codes, connecting up large containers of ink and clicking 'Go', streamlining the system to be more efficient.

The system then begins to process the ink, automatically detecting when its filters become blocked and switching to an alternate channel to enable the process to continue. The signals for the operator to reset the first channel.

Sensors monitor the pump, valves, temperature and pressure to detect problems and warn the operator. When all the link is processed, the system detects the empty ink container and prompts the operator to clean the system.

RTC designed the interface devices, using COTS components in a bespoke unit.

Igence produced the software which runs in a standard browser, using a friendly touch screen interface.