• Rapid Prototyping

You may have an idea but simply no time for proof of concept. Let us build you a functioning prototype. We are skilled at providing a basic framework which you can expand into a full system. As well as designing complete systems from scratch, we also provide rapid prototyping and design analysis for existing control systems. In addition, our fault finding skills are second to none

  • Optimisation and Performance

You have a working prototype already, but as you have enhanced it, the performance has suffered. Let us find out why and suggest ways of optimising your system. We are experts at improving general system performance and reducing latency in real time systems.

  • Legacy Equipment

We often encounter older equipment that is becoming unreliable. We can port your software and hardware to bring your system up to date. We have even written emulations and simulations of older hardware and software. Nothing phases us, we are happy to work with unusual file formats, data types and proprietary equipment.

  • Documentation

Even with the most stringent quality procedures, design documentation can get left behind during product development. If left unchecked, a development may get completely out of step with its documentation. Last minute changes and turnover of staff can exacerbate the problem. Here, a third party review comes into it's own. We will check your equipment against documentation, giving a full report and update if necessary.

  • Reverse Engineering

In the worst case, you have equipment with old or even no documentation, your key developer has just left and you need to get a new one started on the project. Let us perform the detective work, finding out what we can and providing you with documentation.