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Dane Knight


Dane has over 40 years experience running businesses across 4 continents in the software sector with Project Management, ERP, Financial Modelling & Manufacturing Process systems.

Robin Lodge


Robin has over 45 years worldwide experience leading companies across various Industries and is a serial entrepreneur and Business Mentor.

David Knight

Non Executive Director

Dave is an experienced senior software technician with over 40 years experience and is the founder of Igence software.

Our Management Team consists of our Directors, Principal Engineers and Sales & Marketing Managers.


Meet the experts behind Igence Software. Our team comprises talented and skilled individuals who are dedicated to delivering top-notch software solutions. Learn more about the key members of our team and their backgrounds in the software industry.


Working at Igence

The Igence development team are the backbone of our success. With many years software engineering experience they have developed strong skills in working with customers to clearly define project work and deliver projects using industry standard techniques and toolsets. We provide and support them with high end technology and IT capability.

If you're interested in working at Igence, check out our Career Opportunities.

Hybrid policy

All the Igence Team has worked from their home during and since the Covid

epidemic. We provide our team with high quality home based computer equipment to empower them in their work.

We have project online meetings regularly, and whole team meetings online monthly. We regularly hold full development team meetings at selected locations across the year.


For fun we have our ‘end of year bash’ every January, and our Summer Sunshine Bash in July.


2024 saw the Summer event as A Day at the Races at the Brighton Karting Track where some keen competition emerged to lift the prizes!

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