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Having delivered over 300 successful projects over 25 years, we have been involved in many types of projects of varying sizes, complexity and sensitivity:

A real time production environment monitoring and control system in the digital ink sector enabling operators to manually or automatically adjust in-process production parameters. An end-user Windows© based utility application for customers to monitor and control the temperature in real time on sophisticated instrumentation in the spectroscopy arena. The end-user tool is downloadable from the customers website. An automated ticketing system that required interfaces to customer and ticket databases, communications, credit card payment and transaction reporting. (The Oyster Card, Transport for London). A remote system downloader to make it easy to install a control & monitoring system across devices in the field saving thousands of man hours. Training systems for both technical and end users. Radar HMI (Human Machine Interface) for the display and control of the a Radar system. Air Traffic Control System radar development of airspace controller system functionality - (a joint project with Igence Radar). Development of a Windfarm Radar system for a private customer, (a joint project with Igence Radar). The prototype was tested live in Switzerland. Development and maintenance / updates of a Radar Control Monitoring System for Raytheon (Condor Mk2 and Mk3), for UK/ USA/ European deployment. Control & Management Systems for Radar deployments in civil and defence environments. A research project for a UAV as part of the Nimrod program (2006). Development of both a simulation package and a training package for an Army ISTAR UAV. Helicopter Pilot Training system with hostile fire simulator. Engine monitoring system for Submarine systems & aircraft engines. Health monitoring system for Submarine systems. Project development work for the NAVY X program. Remote weapons control systems. The BAE Systems development of the Uncrewed P24 RIB (USV). A search and locate UUV. Automated & Remote Systems development for a fast surface boat (USV). Development of a Ground Station for large AUV Various Cyber projects for Public and Private sector customers.


At Igence Software, we take pride in delivering innovative solutions to complex business problems. Our projects are designed to meet the unique needs of each of our clients, with a focus on quality and efficiency.

Success Stories

BAE Systems

Unmanned P24 Rib Vessel

This new unmanned Navy Rib allows deployment with no personnel at risk and bring maximum visibility to the Operational Control Room.

All necessary information visualised on screen in the command & control centre.

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